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Paying for Degree Plus


Flexibility to fit your life

We understand…life can be unpredictable and complicate your schedule. For those needing to put a pause on their education, Design Plus offers you the option to withdraw and finish your certificate during the next scheduled certificate session. Start again at the beginning or pick-up in the middle…it’s up to you and what will best accomplish your goals!

Free “TRY-IT” Introductory Courses 

Not sure if a certificate is right for you?  All of our Degree Plus certificates offer an introductory “Try-It” course to help students determine if the program is a good fit for their goals. Come for the first session, meet the instructor and find out more about the program in a “Try-It” course.

  • Introductory sessions are the first class session for each of our certificates
  • All “Try-It” courses are free of charge
  • Students must register to attend a “Try-It” course
  • For students taking a “Try-it” intro course, scholarship applications will be accepted after the deadline on a “funds-availability” basis.

Employer Tuition Assistance 

With the rapid growth of skills-based certificates, many employers are now offering tuition assistance for non-credit certificates like Degree Plus; especially when backed by an accredited institution like the University of Utah. Check with your human resources team to see if this program qualifies. Our team can provide any documentation needed regarding learning outcomes.

University of Utah staff are eligible to receive staff discounts for these certificates. (form to request tuition benefit) Staff tuition benefit may not be combined with other scholarships or discounts.  

Installment plans 

University of Utah students have access  to an installment payment plan through an arrangement with HigherOne, Inc.. Please visit the University of Utah tuition payment options page to find out more. Installment payment plans require your University of Utah student ID or UNID. If you do not currently have a UNID, you will be assigned one at registration. Allow 3 business days to receive notice of registration which will include your UNID.

Deferred tuition payment

University of Utah students may apply for tuition deferral through income accounting. The only qualifying criterion is a current term tuition balance. This plan is to be used as a means to allow students more time to pay tuition and to prevent classes from being dropped by the University due to failure to pay tuition on time. Students pay 30% of their tuition balance plus an application fee of $30.00. The remaining balance of the tuition and fees are due approximately 60 days from the first day of the semester. Find out more.

Deferral plans require your University of Utah student ID or UNID. If you do not currently have a UNID, you will be assigned one at registration. Allow 3 business days to receive notice of registration which will include your UNID.

Register now and pay later

Degree Plus students may register for their certificate and pay tuition according to the University of Utah academic calendar. Students registering after the tuition due date are required to pay for the full certificate at the time of registration or pursue installment plan options.  Students who have not paid tuition or made arrangements for deferred payments through the University by the time  the certificate starts, will be dropped from the certificate.

Discount for University of Utah Alumni Association members 

We honor a 15% discount for all active University of Utah Alumni Association members. Contact us prior to registering to find out how to receive your discount. Find out more about the U of U Alumni Association here.  There may be limitations to combining discounts and scholarships.

Return and refresh your skills at no cost – lifetime benefit 

Students who have completed a Degree Plus certificate are entitled to refresh their skills and sit-in on future classes for that certificate at no charge.  Benefit may be subject to space availability.

Additional Financial Benefits to our Degree Plus Certificate Students

Continuing Education believes in lifelong learning, and we hope that your Degree Plus certificate is only the beginning of your professional development. Degree Plus students are eligible for the following discounts:

  • Degree Plus students may take a second Degree Plus certificate at a 50% discount
  • Degree Plus students are eligible for a 20% discount off our Continuing Education Test Prep courses (GRE, LSAT, GMAT) for those desiring to continue to graduate school
  • Degree Plus students are eligible for discounts for other professional education course or certificates when taken within 2 years of certificate completion. Discounts vary but range from 10% to 50%. E-mail us to find out more at proed@continue.utah.edu.
Last Updated: 3/5/18