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  • All Degree Plus certificate programs are official University of Utah non-credit certificates. Completed certificates will appear on official transcripts.
  • Certificates are available during fall, spring, and summer semesters, but not all certificates are offered every semester.  Check our schedule for more information.  
  • Length of certificates vary but average 7 to 8 weeks.
  • Courses are normally held at night to accommodate traditional working schedules. Some certificates will have Saturday labs that run from 9am – 4pm.
  • Classes are primarily held on the University of Utah main campus but there may be some exceptions.
  • See more information on our FAQ page.


  Who should get a Degree Plus Certificate?

Although originally designed for those with traditional liberal arts degrees, Degree Plus certificates are ideal for a variety of audiences looking for ways to increase the value of their undergraduate degree and open pathways to exciting, in-demand careers.

  • Recent graduates just starting their professional journey
  • Experienced professionals wanting to add new skills to their portfolio
  • Students currently finishing a bachelor degree program
  • Professionals wanting to “try-out” new technologies or career areas
  • Individuals planning to pursue a graduate degree


 Custom Course Content

Each Degree Plus certificate curriculum has been custom designed to meet the needs of our students.  You’ll find rich discussions, case studies and “war stories” from our experienced instructors. Plenty of time has been built into each certificate for hands-on application of your new skills and to test your understanding of the material. A capstone project concludes the experience providing tangible results to share with current or future employers.


 Certificate Completion Requirements

  • All certificate students will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade at the conclusion of the certificate program. See individual certificates for more details regarding specific requirements to receive a satisfactory grade.
  • A completed capstone project is required for certificate completion.
  • A completed career coaching session is required for certificate completion. See more information about this requirement on the Career Coaching page.
  • Each certificate has attendance requirements. Students may miss up to one class as long as supplemental reading and make-up activity is completed according to the deadlines established.


 What You’ll Receive Upon Completion

For students earning a “satisfactory” grade, the completed certificate will appear on official University of Utah transcripts.

  • Students will also be awarded a University of Utah digital badge that can be shared on social media sites and used with other professional resources.
  • Digital badges are embedded with meta-data that validate the skills demonstrated and other requirements for earning the badge. (Find out more about Digital Badges here).


 Certificate Directors

Certificate directors play a big part in creating a high-value educational opportunity for our students.

All of our Degree Plus certificates have a certificate director who shapes curriculum, provides individualized assistance to students and has oversight of the certificate capstone assignments. Our Degree Plus directors have achieved professional success in their career areas.  Certificate directors are passionate about teaching and helping students prepare for their next professional step.

Last Updated: 6/19/18