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You might be an operations analyst in the making if…

Wondering if you might have the qualities and interests that would make a good operations analyst? Below, we’ve listed some of the more common characteristics that fit those going into this career field. See if any of these statements sounds like you.

  • You like solving problems – nothing makes your day like finding a new problem to grapple
  • You like working independently as well as cross functionally
  • You have an affinity for numbers and statistics
  • You have a knack for simplifying the complex
  • You’re curious and like to ask “why?”
  • Stuck in line for coffee? You quickly spot the operational gaps in espresso-making.
  • You like to develop and document processes
  • You excel at multi-tasking and can keep multiple balls in the air
  • Friends say you have a talent for connecting with people
  • You connect with people through collaborative problem-solving
Last Updated: 5/24/18