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In today’s rapidly changing job market, it’s becoming increasingly important to adopt a lifelong learning approach to stay relevant in a competitive job market.

In addition to looking for specific skills, employers are also looking for signals that their employees and job applicants are committed to professional development and finding ways to add value to their organization.

Enter the lifelong learning mindset and the Degree Plus Certificate Series.

With Degree Plus, you bring the foundation – a degree or work experience - and Degree Plus adds the ability to continually update your skills in a way that’s fast, focused and credible.

Stay competitive. Stay engaged. Stay relevant.

Degree Plus Certificates Series



Our Degree-Plus Certificate Series seeks to build on your undergraduate success by opening doors to some of today’s most in-demand careers.

Use your Psychology degree to move into a career in recruiting and talent acquisition. Take your history degree into the creative fields of web design or digital marketing. Or discover that the interests that led you to a degree in English may also be a great match for a career in operations or project management.

Choose from a variety of career-accelerating, non-credit certificates, each designed to build on the valuable foundation of your degree.

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Whether you’re looking to advance in your current position, explore new career options or investigate graduate programs, Degree Plus can help.

Our certificates are chosen with the help of industry professionals and designed to help students gain skills that are valued in the labor market.

Certificate directors are not only experts in their field but are passionate about helping students meet their career goals.

If this sounds like a fit for you… Explore Our Programs.


Why Degree Plus? 

Each certificate includes a carefully curated collection of classes, designed to provide you with the most desired skills for each career area. You’ll only invest your limited time on courses that directly impact your value to the labor market.

We get it… once you’ve got your degree, life comes at you fast.

To stay ahead, you need a program that can help you run at this quick pace. Degree Plus offers certificates designed to be fast and focused. Courses are oriented towards specific skills that are in demand in the job market. Most certificates can be completed within 8 weeks, keeping the cost down and your career in the fast lane.

Degree Plus certificates are priced competitively and offer financial aid and installment payments.

Adding targeted skills to your resume not only helps you stand out in a crowd of applicants but can also provide the power to negotiate a higher starting salary. And the benefits only begin with getting the position you want. Using your upgraded skill set, you’ll be able to quickly provide value to your employer, resulting in opportunities for advancement.

A commitment to lifelong learning is the backbone of our Degree Plus program.

Whether it’s an industry certification, a graduate degree or adding skills to keep your competitive edge, we’ll help you scan the future and suggest possible next steps for life after Degree Plus.

Our certificate programs are led by local experts; working professionals by day, instructors by night. You’ll learn from an experienced crew and gain real-time insights and networking opportunities from the front lines. Each certificate has its own director who makes it a priority to keep the curriculum in line with the skills currently in demand in the market. They are also a source of encouragement as you move through the program and prepare for your next step.

Meet Our Instructors

Degree Plus Certificate holders benefit from earning a credential backed by the University of Utah.
We’re accredited. We have a long history of academic excellence. Choosing the University of Utah for your certificate program makes a clear statement about your commitment to excellence. 
With so many post-graduation career choices, it’s easy to see why it may be difficult to find the right choice to match your interests. The Degree Plus certificate series helps by consulting with local employers and national labor market data to find careers with the highest demand for graduates with a liberal arts background. Degree Plus opens the doors to a variety of new opportunities to start your career and engage with the world.
Each Degree Plus course has been custom designed to meet the needs of our students. You’ll find rich discussions, case studies and “war stories” from our experienced instructors. Plenty of time has been built into each certificate to try-out your new skills, and a capstone project concludes the experience, providing tangible results to share with current or future employers.



Why Degree Plus?

"Upgrade your skills, quickly. This no longer requires paying tens of thousands of dollars for a master’s degree. There is a fundamental transformation underway in how recent college graduates supplement their education in their mid-twenties."

"As a result of these trends in the labor market, college seniors these days no longer have as clear or straightforward a career path as previous generations did. They are part of a much more complex, fragmented workforce with many overlapping pathways. Compared to their parents, who had maps with clearly marked trails for their careers, these soon-to-be graduates face wide-open seas as they chart their next 30-plus years."

“I have seen a gap between specific open roles and the actual skill set of recent graduates applying. While it’s easy to see the potential of candidates, it’s hard to invest in applicants with no direct training and unclear commitment. This program seems well designed to bridge that gap and I’m excited to see the results.”


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Last Updated: 8/22/18